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Hello, World!

May 12, 2020

Dear friends,

In 2016, a volunteer team came together to form Open Democracy Project with a vision of making the resources for effective civic campaigning open and accessible to everyone. Through launching DemocracyKit, we found ourselves connecting to a growing cross-partisan movement of open gov, civic tech, political, media and arts organizers and have convened this community at two DemocracyXChange Summits.

Over recent months, this work has shifted from important to urgent, in service of Canada’s response to COVID-19. That’s why today, we are so excited to announce the launch of | dé


The world needs to hear from those solving problems and driving change on the ground in communities. Canada is filled with remarkable people and projects, including those that so many of you are leading. is a bilingual site to share insights, profile ideas and actions and convene across political orientations.

We will publish a monthly sector bulletin and invite you to join the conversation as we build the site into a home and place for Canada’s democracy sector to connect. To that end, please take a moment to complete the Sector Survey, it takes just a few minutes and will guide site content development in the months ahead.

Thank you for being part of this community and we can’t wait to see you at DemocracyXChange this Fall (stay tuned!).

Chris Cowperthwaite & Ana Serrano
Co-Chairs, Open Democracy Project