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DemocracyXChange Updates

September 20, 2020

Open Democracy Project is a co-founder of DemocracyXChange – Canada’s annual democracy summit. Join us as we seize the opportunity to strengthen democracy in the recovery from COVID-19. This year our program will convene in two parts: 

  • Our virtual Summit (October 13-15) will raise critical questions about systemic inequality, the relevance of our public institutions and how we can respond to this global moment with imagination. 
  • Our Festival (October 16-22) enables participants to deepen their engagement with program material by attending online workshops, training sessions and events organized by non-profits, associations and community groups. 

Pay what you can to access both the Summit and Festival. Confirmed speakers include: Hahrie Han, Minister Dominic LeBlanc, Sheri Berman, Oren Cass, Elizabeth May, Corey Doctorow, Waubgesheg Rice and others. 

Confirmed Festival participants include CIVIX, Massey College, Mosaic Institute, the Institute for Change Leaders with more to come. Register now.